What are Micro Greens?

MicroGreens (micro greens) are a tiny form of young edible greens produced from vegetable, herb or other plants. They range in size from 1″ to 1 ½” long, including the stem and leaves. A MicroGreen has a single central stem which has been cut just above the soil line during harvesting. It has two fully developed cotyledon leaves and usually one pair very small, partially developed true leaves. The typical stem and leaf configuration for micro greens is about 1” to 1½” in height, and ½” to 1“ in width across the top. MicroGreens can have surprisingly intense flavors considering their small size though not as strong as mature greens and herbs.

MicroGreens are used as a fresh flavor ingredient primarily in fine dining restaurants. These restaurants place a strong emphasis on both the creative presentation and flavor of their dishes. MicroGreens’ delicate, fresh appearance adds beauty and dimension combined with a range of distinct flavor elements.

  • Grown in the ideal climate, resulting in superior quality

  • Robust, rich texture, intense flavors, more nutrient 

  • Versatile 

  • Variety 

  • Grown all year

  • Grown Naturally

  • Healthy  mineral rich organic soil

  • No chemicals

  • Locally grown

Garnish your steak, fish, chicken and eggs! And great on sandwiches 



You’ve had a long, ‘grueling’ day at work. You’re craving a salad, but you’re just too tired to do all that chopping. And then you remember those microgreens you bought a few days ago. Thanks to their diminutive size, they don’t need any chopping. Just mix them in a bowl and boom: instant salad! What’s more, different varieties—arugula, beets, salad mix, and sunflower—can be mixed together to create new and interesting flavors



3 1/2 cups micro arugula

1 cup blackberries (ripe and sweet!)

2 tablespoons pine nuts

1 ear red corn, cut off the cob

1/2 bunch white asparagus

2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

1 tablespoon red wine vinegar

1 clove of garlic, pressed

2 tablespoons chopped caper berries (stems removed)

1 1/2 tablespoons of mint, finely chopped

A dash of sea salt and black pepper

Hors D’oeuvres

Nothing says delicious quite like sliced baguette with humus and microgreens. Or water-crackers with chevre and micro arugula. Or those newfangled pretzel-cracker thingies with cream cheese and micro salad mix. Or thinly-sliced apples with cheddar and micro beets. Hungry yet?

Make mouth watering, toxin-blasting smoothies 

Our robust, nutty sunflower is nutrient packed with protein, multi-vitamins and antioxidants. Simply add this to any smoothie combination and voila! you've created something magical. 

Spruce up your pizza!

What better way to spruce up that pizza pie than with some itty bitty microgreens? Micro arugula and micro basil are the obvious choices, but sunflower and salad mix should not be ruled out. There’s only one caveat: apply the micros after baking.

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